Child Protection Policy


Child Protection Policy

The school has a responsibility to ensure the well-being of all pupils and as such has a child protection policy and procedures. These may require a child to be referred to the statutory child welfare agencies if the child or other children are believed to be at risk of significant harm. We will endeavour to work with parents/carers regarding the welfare of their child and remain impartial if their child is being, or has been, referred. Any referral would be made in the best interests of the child and the school would keep parents/carers informed of the welfare and educational progress of the child.


A copy of the policy is available at the school.


Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is the conscious and deliberate intention to harm, threaten or intimidate someone by word or action. The school has a clear policy and procedures to deal with such incidents. If parents are concerned about this issue, they are encouraged to discuss it with the headteacher in confidence.


A copy of the policy is available at the school.