Key Stage 2


In Key Stage 2 we  aim to develop in every learner a sense of personal and cultural identity that is receptive and respectful towards others.  We encourage all learners to become engaged as full members of the school community, accessing the wider curriculum and all school activities,  

experiencing a variety of learning and teaching styles.


The following subjects are included in the National Curriculum in Key Stage 2 as well as the statutory numeracy and literacy framework:

Welsh, English, Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology, History, Geography, Art and      Design, Music, Religious Education and Physical Education.


 The curriculum will still take place within an integrated theme where it is meaningful and relevant. Children will be encouraged to develop self-confidence, independence in learning and higher order skills in a range of situations.

Skills across the Curriculum


Pupils are given opportunities to build on the experiences gained during the Foundation Phase, and to promote their knowledge and understanding of Wales, their personal and social development and well-being;


Opportunities to develop and apply       knowledge and understanding of the cultural, economic, environmental, historical and      linguistic characteristics of Wales.


Opportunities to promote health and      emotional well-being, moral and spiritual    development, to become active citizens and promote sustainable development and global citizenship.

All aspects of the curriculum are carefully planned to ensure that the following key skills from the Skills Framework are given prominence.  In the  Foundation Phase children acquire, develop, practise, apply and refine their skills through group and individual tasks in a variety of contexts across the curriculum. 


In Key Stage 2 children have opportunities to build on the skills they have started to acquire and develop during the Foundation Phase.