School Council


A new council is elected annually at the beginning of the school year. There are representatives from each class (Reception –Year 6). Here are the pupils elected to the school council for the year 2016- 17-







                                                                                                                          Year 6-                                 Josh and Lisa

                                                                                                                          Year 4 & 5-                          James and Rosie

                                                                                                                          Years 3-                               Owain and Ava

                                                                                                                          Year 2-                                 Matty and Alys

                                                                                                                          Year 1-                                 George and Caitlin

                                                                                                                          Representatives for 

                                                                                                                          Reception and Nursery-  Guto and Eleri



The elected councillors then choose their chairperson and vice-chair person, a secretary and a treasurer.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year where various issues are discussed and resolutions made.

Minutes of meetings are forwarded to the head teacher in order to plan the way forward.






  • To give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone.


  • For pupils to work as partners with staff and Governors, developing a caring school community.


  • To provide all pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will be important throughout their lives.


  •  To involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts.


Responsibilities of Pupil Councillors

Class representatives will report back to their class after every school council meeting. Representatives from each class will take issues brought up by their school class to the school council. They schould put across the views of their class, not their own opinions.