School Language Policy


The Local Education Authority asserts its belief in the educational value of acquiring two languages.


The aim of this bilingual policy is to teach children to be totally bilingual in the use of Welsh and English by the time they leave primary school to enable them to participate fully in the bilingual community of which they are a part.  This provision at the school should ensure that each child is able to communicate confidently in both languages and be aware of Welsh cultural heritage.


Welsh is used as the main medium of communication in the school.  In the Early Years classes pupils are educated in the medium of Welsh so that children receive a thorough grounding in the language; Welsh will also be the main medium of life and work in the junior classes and English is normally introduced when the children begin the junior phase of their education in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to develop bilingually by the time they leave the school. Mathematics and Science are taught through the medium of Welsh in Key Stage 2.


Being bilingual has a number of advantages:


· The school is situated in an area where Welsh is spoken and used widely.  It is therefore important that the school’s pupils develop the ability to use both languages confidently and fluently, so that they can choose to take part fully in all aspects of life in the area.


· Some of our children will move on to learn other languages in the future, and research shows that children who are bilingual learn other languages more quickly than those who speak only one language


· Also, in the long term, the ability to use both languages is an important advantage in the workplace in Wales.  Therefore, ensuring that children can develop the ability to speak  both languages means wider work and development opportunities  either locally or internationally.


Pupils who move to the school midway through their primary education are encouraged to attend a two day a week language course at the Welsh Language Centre at Ysgol y Preseli.  This course ensures a basic introduction to the language in a small and reassuring setting.